Lisa Picotte  




Haley Ramm"I remember sitting in the first class I ever took with Lisa and she said, "if you're here to be famous then leave. If you're here to be a serious and hard working actor then welcome." She knew that fame may be a byproduct but should never be the goal. Lisa and David are the only coaches I've had since moving to LA 6 years ago. We've become a team that works together and knows what works best. They're both talented actors in their own right who understand the business, the audition process and what it takes to truly succeed."
- Haley Ramm
Chasing Life (ABC Family), Victor (Feature Film), ImagiGARY (Feature Film), Complicity (Feature Film), Disconnect (Feature Film). 

Taylor Lautner"Lisa and David are so much fun and will teach kids to be a better actor. Lisa coached me on the role of “Sharkboy” for Robert Rodriguez’ “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl,” and David coached me on the role of Jacob Black for “Twilight.”"
- Taylor Lautner
The Ridiculous 6 (Feature Film), Run the Tide (Feature Film), Tracers (Feature Film), Cuckoo (BBC TV), Abduction (Feature Film), The Twilight Series (Feature Films), The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl (Feature Film).
Taylor Lautner"I LOVE the classes and really look forward to going. They have definitely helped me as an actor."
- Ty Simpkins
(Jurassic World (Feature Film), The Nice Guys (Feature Film), Meadowland (Feature Film), Hangman (Feature Film), Insidious Series (Feature Films), Revolutionary Road (Feature Film). 
Taylor Lautner"The Hooligans Master Improv Class is something I genuinely look forward to each week. Being apart of such an open, non- commercialized environment, that actually cares for you as a growing artist and person is amazing. The skills I have learned in the Master Scene Study Class and Hooligans have shaped me into the actor that I am today.”
- Ryan Simpkins
House (Feature Film), New Mexican Rain (Feature Film), Hangman (Feature Film), Space Warriors (Feature Film), Revolutionary Road (Feature Film).  
"I love going to Lisa’s class. It’s so much fun! She has taught me so much. She always plays great games and she’s so nice!"
- Rico Rodriguez
The Muppets (Feature Film), Modern Family (ABC), Austin and Ally (Disney), El Americano: The Movie (Animated Feature). 
"Lisa is really great to work with. She is so motivating, and I've learned how to get totally focused on my work. When I walk into her office for coaching, I know that when I walk out, it's going to be 100 times better."
- Joshua Rush
Bones (Fox), The Lion Guard (Disney), Sex, Death and Bowling (Feature Film), Clarence (Cartoon Network), The Adventures of Puss in Boots (Netflix Original Series), Break Point (Feature Film), Peabody and Sherman (Animated Feature). 
"They are great coaches and very kind. I think everybody should have a good teacher like them"
- Cole Jensen
The Adventures of Zion Man (Short), The Dog Who Saved Summer (Feature Film), Daredevil (Netflix), Crash and Bernstein (Disney XD), Victorious (Nickelodeon), Mike and Molly (CBS). 

"I love Lisa and David! They are amazing! The most important thing they taught me is to be completely fearless in every audition or job that I go into."
- Raini Rodriguez
Paul Blart: Mall Cop, (Feature Film) I Didn’t Do It, (Disney), Growing Up and Down (Disney Pilot), Austin and Ally (Disney), Prom (Feature Film). 

"David Kaufman and Lisa Picotte have both played significant roles in the furthering my acting career. Their classes and instruction gave me the tools that I needed to into rooms feeling confident and fully prepared. David and Lisa care personally for their students and truly want to help them achieve their dreams. Thank you for you two have done for me. "
- Nolan Sotillo
Red Band Society (Fox), Madison High (Pilot), Prom (Feature Film). 

"Lisa and David are the best acting coaches ever! They rock! They have both helped me grow so much as an actress. Thank you. You guys are amazing!"
- Chloe Csengery
Modern Family (ABC), Paranormal Activity (Feature Film Franchise), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC), Deadtime Stories (Nickelodeon), Up All Night (NBC).


"My coaches Lisa and David, helped me improve my acting and improv skills tremendously and really added to the skills I needed to successfully audition for roles. It was their guidance and expertise that enabled me to land the role of Emery on Fresh Off The Boat for (ABC). Thank you Lisa and David for all of your hard work. "
- Forrest Wheeler
Fresh Off the Boat (ABC), Chasing Life (ABC), Community (NBC), New Girl (Fox). 


"Not only are my coaches my parents but they are brilliant at what they do. They put their heart and soul into their work. It definitely pays off by how much we book jobs. They rock!."
- Grace Kaufman
Brave New Jersey (Feature Film), The Last Ship (TNT), Chevy (Pilot ABC), Table 58 (Amazon Pilot), Bad Teacher (CBS), Sister (Feature Film), Lab Rats (Disney XD), Jessie (Disney), Clarence (Cartoon Network), Bubble Guppies (Nickelodeon).


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