Lisa Picotte  



"Lisa is an amazing teacher and person. I've taken a bunch of her classes and I always learn something new from her! She knows so much about the business, and is always there to push you forward and help in any way she can."
- Holly Taylor
The Otherworld (Feature Film), The Americans (FX Network), Worst Friends (Feature Film), Ashley (Feature Film), Love and Zombies (Short). 
"Lisa and David have helped me tremendously with my work as an actor! They have definitely made me more confident in my work. Their privates not only prepare you 100 % for your auditions but they also let you experiment and do what YOU want and you don't find that in coaches these days."
- Niko Guardado
Lost in the West (TV Movie), Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn (Nickelodeon), I Didn't Do It (Disney), Ironside (NBC). 
"The best feeling is having coaches that believe in you. This is how I feel after I have coached or taken a class with Lisa and David. Their enthusiasm, techniques and intuition make me confident in my acting abilities."
- Cullen McCarthy
Max and Me (Animated Feature), Stuck In the Middle (Disney Pilot), Miles From Tomorrowland (Disney), Shameless (Showtime), Peabody and Sherman (Animated Feature).  
"David and Lisa have been coaching me since I started acting about five years ago. It doesn't matter if I live in Atlanta, because they coach me using Skype or when I am in town. They are really good at what they do. They have taught me to trust my feelings about how to do a scene and be myself when I am doing an improv. I feel comfortable when I work with them. After a coaching session, I feel like I have a really great chance at booking my audition. They are a really big part of why I love acting."
- Noah Lomax
Brave New Jersey (Feature Film), Heartbreaker (NBC Pilot), The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (Animated Feature), Little Savages (Feature Film), 99 Homes (Feature Film), Bones (Fox), Safe Haven (Feature Film), Playing for Keeps (Feature Film). 
"David and Lisa are AWESOME coaches! They have helped me become a better actor and I love working with them. They are always getting me ready for bigger and better roles."
- Landon Gimenez
William Froste (Feature Film), Resurrection (ABC), Housekeeping (Short).
"Lisa is a really, super fun coach! She has helped me to prepare and do well on several auditions, including the booking of one of my favorite shows... Austin & Ally! I love that Lisa is so nice and coaching with her makes me feel confident."
- Rachel Eggleston
Empty (Feature Film), Married (FX), Bereave (Feature Film), Reluctant Nanny (TV Movie), Castle (ABC), Summer Snow (Feature Film), Divide and Conquer (TV Movie), Sam & Cat (Nickelodeon), How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) (ABC). 
"Lisa and David are amazing coaches. I have learned a lot from the both of them. Miss Lisa is tough on me, which I like because it makes me a better actress. I have booked some great projects because of them. I love Miss Lisa, she is like an Aunt to me."
- Emma Loewen
Modern Family (ABC), Ana Maria in Novela Land (Feature Film), Colony (USA Network), Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC), Last Man Standing (ABC).  
"I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for Lisa. I always look forward to her scene study class because it's so fun, I make new friends and it continues to make me a better actress. Coaching with David and Lisa has helped me tremendously. They are amazing and I am so grateful for their guidance, advice and talent."
- Makenzie Moss
Pup Star (Feature Film), The Charnel House (Feature Film), Collisions (Feature Film), Blunt Talk (Starz), Steve Jobs (Feature Film), Do You Believe (Feature Film), Black-ish (ABC), About a Boy (NBC), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS). 
"Lisa and David are exceptional coaches. They have helped me develop confidence in my abilities. Most coaches in LA are about making money. NOT LISA AND DAVID! They truly want the best for every student. Their classes help students develop honest characters. No matter what age or class, they create a safe environment for the actors to find and be themselves. I absolutely LOVE them."
- Lizzie Broadway
16 and Missing (Feature Film), Trophy Wife (ABC), Conan (TNT), Bones (Fox), Bad Mom (TV Movie), Shameless (Showtime). 
"Lisa and David have been my acting coaches for four years. They know what it takes to get me ready for my auditions. After four years, I continue to grow. Thier honesty is what helps me improve. They are supportive and are always there for me. THey taught me that acting takes persistence and they always try to help me achieve my goals. They are great role models and treat me like family!"
- Tanner Buchanan
The Fosters (ABC), Girl Meets World (Disney), Bell and the Bulldogs (Nickelodeon), Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards (Feature Film), Growing Up Fisher (NBC), The Goldbergs (ABC), Jake Squared (Feature Film), Major Crimes (TNT), Grey's Anatomy (ABC). 

"Lisa's scene study class has taught me as an actor how to truly stay in the moment and be emotionally honest with myself and my scene partner in both dramatic and comedic scenes. Since working with Lisa, I have booked consistently. Thank you, Lisa!"
- Danika Yarosh
Heroes Reborn (NBC), Shameless (Showtime), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC), Jack Reacher 2 (Feature Film), See Dad Run (Nickelodeon) 

"Lisa's class helped me form my career. She helped me identify my own strengths so that I could excel at auditions. She didn't try to mold me. Instead, she brought my own talent out. Her classes are full of serious talent. When i go to auditions, I often see her other students because casting directors hire her students and know how talented her students are. I have made life-long friends and am very happy she has become part of my journey."
- Devon Bagby
Ray Donovan (Showtime), Ironside (NBC), CSI: NY (CBS).

"David and Lisa are the best acting teachers in the whole world. They have truly helped me so much."
- Aaron Sanders
The Thundermans (Nickelodeon), How to Make it to the Promised Land (Short), Ray Donovan (Showtime), General Hospital (ABC).

"Lisa and David are, by far the funniest, most talented and knowledgable teachers I have ever worked with. They continue to make me feel like family and that feeling keeps me coming back."
- Sarah Gilman
I Didn't Do It (Disney), Jessie (Disney), Last Man Standing (ABC), Marvin Marvin (Nickelodeon), Up All Night (NBC).

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